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Formal Attire Required

I normally don’t despise getting a little dressed up. However, an upcoming family event is requiring that we “dress appropriately,” meaning I have to possibly wear a formal gown. I don’t despise dresses, however, a gown is another matter.

They’re expensive, and you’ll never wear them again. Like your old prom dress. This party is also Adult-Only with an open bar. Sounds amazing right? Almost the setup my hypothetical wedding would be like. For some reason I am not at all excited about it.

The mental energy I have exhausted trying to think of an appropriate outfit is driving me crazy. Pant suit? Nice slacks and a pretty blouse? Are those items considered equal to formal attire? I have collapsed like a flan in a cupboard in my attempt to find a suitable outfit. I have now forced myself to go out shopping to find a nice “gown” or anything equal to it for this formal event.

Most of this hesitation comes from being apathetic to dressing up for most major events in my life. The most forethought I’ve put in to dressing up was getting my tattoo before buying my prom dress so I could show it off. I got a lot of compliments on both. I am content wearing jeans and a t-shirt for the rest of my life, but adult-life does not seem to agree with this concept much.

Why must we get so dolled up for everything? I mean, people have come up with very interesting outfits with different casual items. I remember putting a lot of thought in to purchasing some of my favorite tees and jeans. Now it just seems to stressful and expensive.

I’ve also had to update my work attire in the last year, and I am slowly but surely getting it together. I still hate having to do it, and wish to one day work at a place that won’t mind if I have tattoo that is visible to the general public. Of course, dressing a little more formally has its up side. I do get a lot of compliments, I feel more professional when meeting new people at work, and it helps I look nice when talking to the higher ups. Then I think, well….shouldn’t my work be based on my work ethic, experience, and talent? Not my clothes? I don’t really wear jewelry of any kind except a small necklace, and all the other jewelry I own is mostly the costume/old lady kind. I don’t like gold or diamonds. And I have a Tiffany bracelet my Mom bought me in high school because of the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn. I wore it with a checkered wrist band and other costume and Gothic jewelry in college. A college friend even commented on how I wore it with all this other ghastly jewelry and how I should probably wear it when its more appropriate. I wasn’t upset of offended, and I merely told them I liked wearing it with everything else because it brought something different to the clutter.

Something old with something blue.

I’ve never been great about dressing up. I always kick and scream and find an excuse to wear whatever I want, then after I’ve arrived I regret not looking nicer compared to everyone else. 

I guess a small part of my doesn’t mind to dress up on occassion. I just wish it wasn’t required. Wedding, funerals, Christmas, Easter, special work events, and possibly any invitation that says “formal attire required” are the only reasons I wear heels. I own one pair of heels that didn’t give me blisters, until I wore them all day at work due to a morning staff meeting.

I can only assume I am part of a small group in society that doesn’t place too much emphasis on clothing. I also don’t have long hair for the purpose of not having to maintain it too much. I love Tom’s shoes because I can wear them without socks. I will also wear a pair of jeans repeatedly until they are no longer durable for public viewing. I don’t own any earrings, hardly any bracelets, and I only have a black eyeliner, mascara, and small case of foundation. No lipstick. Chapstick is the only thing I wear on my lips except punch.

One day I hope to be able to juggle these adulthood decision. For now, I’m content pretending  to be in my twenties for the rest of my life.

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