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Epic Journey: Crunch Craft Time

Hooray!! Paper flowers are being created and gathered!

I have been using my spare time to cut out petals for our paper roses this last week, and I realized I had no idea how many of each we had in our possession. Lame sauce. In between my marathon of Adventure Time I sorted and counted all the flowers we had and made a list. Most were created as samples to see how they would look once we had a small bouquet, and most of them look amazing!

I also transferred all of them to old wine and alcohol bottles which look much nicer than the reused jars I had them in originally. Who knew a small height change would dramatically change how cute they look! I recently had all the Bridesmaids over to show them the progress and we all agreed that the bottles didn’t have to be painted or altered and we may only add ribbon the to hold all the flowers together so they can be easily dropped in to the bottle for setup.

All of these beautiful paper roses were hand made by my bridesmaid Edith who has been very patient with my procrastination.

All of these beautiful paper roses were hand-made by my bridesmaid Edith who has been very patient with my procrastination.

The colored bouquets are made from a Disneyland photo book that was sent to all Annual Pass holders, and the other is made from a Fables graphic novel. The black and white bouquet toward the top of the photo is made from a manga book a friend gave us, and it’s my favorite at the moment. I also have some made out of an old Anne Rice paperback and Sudoku puzzles, and the rest are bundles I’ve shown before. I wish I had a better picture of them but I had some major technical difficulties the other day trying to get the right photograph uploaded for this post. 😦 I’ll just had to take more close up shots so you can appreciate how much work has gone into all of the flowers being created.

Now all I have to do is make a few more to help the nicer bouquets look fuller. I’ll also be chopping up a few more books to add variety (don’t hate me for ripping the books!).

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Manga Paper Roses

Just a small teaser of the next batch of paper roses I’ve started cutting out.


A local and long time friend gave us a small set of manga to use for our paper roses. They seem to be a perfect fit. All five petals fit on one manga page. Amazing! Let’s just hope I can finish tracing and cutting all the pieces tonight.

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