Me, Myself, and I.

her was is stephanie

Her name is Stephanie

I was born in East Los Angeles, and currently live in Long Beach, CA. I think about life too much, and try to spend my spare time with family, friends, and my trouble-maker cat Sylvester. My boyfriend fiance husband and I recently moved into a cozy apartment with no roommates, so I try not to be overwhelmed by household responsibilities like unpacking.

I’m a theatre nerd, comic book lover, alcohol drinker, and Lady Geek. I drink too much coffee and appreciate the relaxing medical side effects of smoking ganga. One of the few things that keeps me sedated from thinking about too many things at once.

I try to stay connected with friends and family via (the evil) Facebook, and rely heavily on my cell phone for any kind of communications (Email, Twitter, etc…). I’m addicted to coffee while reading a good book, and spend my time in between watching television on my HDTV with HD DVR to watch Zombies eat people in HD! I tend to stream podcasts and news programs because downloading stuff is too much work and commitment. I also have a strong appreciation for Japanese animation, more commonly known as Anime and Manga. I love to argue/discuss just for the sake of listening to others thoughts and opinions, even though it sounds like I don’t appreciate them.

I am not a religious/spiritual person, but have many friends and family who are and I never think less of them or their beliefs, even if I make fun of them. Watch me geek out while I tweet about it, or follow me on Pintetest while I day dream about procrastinating.

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