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Board Games Diversion

Another week has passed and I’ve been able to stay on top (so far!) of writing twice a week!! Yay for productivity.

Swing by The Defective Geeks and check out the new post I wrote about my favorite board game Lords of Waterdeep.

Until next week!

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Procrastination Interlude: International Table Top Day!

Lords of Waterdeep and Big Bang Theory

Lords of Waterdeep and my Big Bang Theory shirt for a long night of board games.

One of the many stress relief practices I’ve adopted while (attempting) to plan our wedding this past year is playing board games with friends. It’s been a really fun experience developing those friendships over a long, and sometimes contentious, board game. It’s been exciting to keep up with the Geek and Sundry‘s show Table Top on their YouTube channel and slowly be introduced to games I probably never would have attempted to play before. That’s why I’m SO excited about their announcement to start an International Table Top Day!!!

My friends and I have tried to get together as often as we were able due to our conflicting work schedules and social obligations. We were able to meet up enough for a few months and then…we became obsessed with playing, and winning. I learned how to play Ascension and tried to make a “No Helping Your Significant Other” rule to ensure we were on our best behavior. I became obsessed the game Lords of Waterdeep enough that I received it as an awesome birthday gift this year! We even attempted to start a regular board game night at some of our local coffee shops in Long Beach. I’ve talked for months about starting a regular board game night with friends, but alas I recently became employed again and have been unable to make it happen…yet.

Thankfully Geek and Sundry and Table Top have the ball rolling so I can force/shame/guilt my friends in to setting up our own #TableTopDay in Long Beach, CA. I’m excited to get everyone together and have a fun-filled day of games, friends, and most of all memories. 🙂

Table Top Day

Join or create your own Table Top Day!

*Update: Changed the title for this post. Oopsy!

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