The Epic Journey

On January 31st of 2012 my boyfriend of five years proposed. I was pretty shocked, and happy, and freaked out, and shocked. Mostly because I almost fucked it up several times. I asked him if he was going to propose before dinner. While at dinner I said I could “wait a few more years” to get married. I became speechless upon seeing the ring (photo to follow soon) and don’t remember his actual proposal. I am my own worst enemy.

To celebrate, and encourage myself, a dear friend encouraged me to “blog about this.” I also was recently inspired by another blog by the name of themanlyblog. My sensibilities are not the same as others girls made from sugar and spice and everything nice. I also have a compulsive reaction to things that cost more than $20-100. Its called being a cheapskate. Lucky for my fiancé and I we have over 100 family and friends who we would love to share our big day with. Which is why I’m planning on doing a LOT of DIY stuff.

Come join me on this epic (fucking) journey, as I try not to kill myself and not spend too much dough on this future special day. 😀


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