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Halloween Weirdness

Halloween doesn’t seem like it would be filled with political discussions, but that’s exactly what happened at my house last night.

My new roommate met up with her friend and her boyfriend before they left to see a band in the neighborhood. The discussion started with her asking if either of them had seen the new Michael Moore film “Capitalism.” The boyfriend proceeded to say, “You know his films always have bad timing. Just like Farenheit 9/11.” I politely waited a few more moments before jumping into the conversation, and his throat, before I added my piece to the discussion. He argued that Moore’s films always come at inappropriate times and don’t help the political situation. Which is why, in his opinon, Moore’s new film is not a good thing right now. He has not seen the film, nor does he even follow what happened with any of the bank bailout situations, or politics in general because “no one wants to understand it” therefore it does no good. This guy is his own worst enemy.

This was followed by myself asking him if he participates in politics at all, i.e. sign petitions or email his Senators & Congress. He said he use to, but is now waiting for the results of a Supreme Court decision regarding petitions. I asked him to elaborate and I found a coward sitting on front of me. He explained that the case was going to help decide if your name could be released to the public if you signed a petition, for example, regarding Gay Marriage. His fear is that your neighbor could use this information to retaliate against you. Maybe show up to your house with a gun and scare you in to chaning your opinon, or vote. I reminded this young moron, that the neighbor was the person commuting a crime, not him, for assaulting someone for their beliefs, not the other way around.

He didn’t seem to think his name being released should be legal because “your ballot is suppose to be secret.” I reminded him that a petition is not a vote or a ballot, which is why it can be public knowledge, in hopes of getting enough signatures for it to become a ballot measure citizens could vote on. He seemed disturbed that people would know his opinion on political matters and was very against the idea of having information be public. However, this seemed ironic when he asked our small group if any of us was in favor of Gay Marriage, to which we all answered yes, and proceeded to use this as his example of how our votes and signatures could be used against us. It was an odd and ridiculous discussion.

He seemed to have fairly liberal ideals, with a conservative base of “I want to be able to deny I said that” attitude. His common answers were riddled with, “You can’t change people’s opinions” followed by “my signature should be secret.” He seemed to be part of a generation of idiots who don’t want to take responsibility for their own beliefs, and would rather finish the arguement with, “Well, I don’t follow politics too well” and then tell me how I was wrong.

I’m sorry, not in my home. Back your shit up, or get our of my face, you irresponsible shit-faced moron, who can’t tell his ass from his head. Defending morons for being morons is no excuse. I choose to believe people can have an informed opinion if they are properly informed. So please do not come to me and say you’d flake on your friends and family because some psychopath holds a gun to your head to change your vote on Gay Marriage.

Fuck you.


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