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Continuation of Epic Journey: Procrastination Period

A lot of shit has gone down in the last few weeks and months. However, a few good things were accomplished. One of my bridesmaids and I put together a few paper rose bouquets. The most recent bouquet was made from a used Fables trade paper back comic. 

I found the a few different kinds instructions on Pintrest and we tested a few different patterns to see which one we liked the most. Man, that was exhausting! I will admit we had a few very stressful sessions of paper flower testing before we settled on this specific design. This is the one we decided looks the best with the most reasonable about of time. Reasonable is a subjective term. This particular tutorial takes about an hour to make one paper rose, by yourself! It was exhausting to try solo. However, once I had a few assistants the process became much easier to handle. Since I felt the outcome of the flower I liked the most was worth the time it will take us to make, even if it means settling on smaller bouquets for the centerpieces. We didn’t use the flower or paper tape for the bottom of the roses yet, since we are using several different types of paper to make the roses.

It’s best to have an assembly line of people helping you. I would kindly suggest after you to make 2-3 stencils (super important!) and ask 3-4 friends to help you make the paper roses. 1) Have one person trace the petals, 5 of each size, 2) a person to cut out the petals, 3) someone curl the petals with a toothpick or pen/pencil, 4) and the last person can hot glue the petals on to the stem. I currently have dual glue gun with a low and high setting, and we use the low setting for the paper roses since you may still ever so slightly burn your fingertips (CAUTION: someone finger tips are more sensitive than others!). If you wanna get super productive 8 people would be even better!! Make sure everyone understands that each step is an important part of the process, and that patience is key. It also helps to feed your gracious volunteers, since they will get frustrated and antsy over time. One friend and I were able to bust out 8 paper roses in about 2-3 hours, which isn’t too bad for two people. It helped that we were watching a marathon of Downton Abbey. 🙂

Paper Roses

One of the many small bouquets we have made so far.

We currently have small bouquets of paper roses from Sudoku paper, newspaper, glossy paper (play station manual), magazines (video games and cartoons!), Fables comic books, and one of my favorites is an old Ann Rice fiction encyclopedia. The photos are just a small sample of the ones we have made. Since I’ve recently had to replace my phone I forgot some of my other photos of the first few bouquets need to be retaken. 😦 First World Problems in the digital age. I also re-purposed old paper back books and other household items for the paper roses. Only the Fables comic was purchased, so everything else we have used was FREE! My favorite kind.  

It’s been nice to see the progress of the paper roses. One of my bridesmaids in particular has been very very helpful when she comes over to work on the roses. She has been the one to push me into productivity since I can easily crumble over the pressure of having to make these. Not because I don’t enjoy making them, but mostly because I’ll start to think about the wedding process in general and how much I despise having to spend any money on the entire thing. It’s like a domino effect of crazy! However, all of my bridesmaids, friends, and family are being exceptionally positive and encouraging. One of the few things that has made me happy and excited for our wedding are these flowers. I’ve always despised the expense of wedding flowers. Coming up with making the paper roses was really exciting and great way for me to personalize our wedding into something I could relate to and not something out of a crazy bridal magazine. 

All of the paper goods we need for the wedding are going to be created by my fiance and I, which means DIY. The invitations, reply cards, Save the Date, place cards, tags for the favors, place mats, menus, and the center pieces will be made and designed by us. It’s a bit ambitious, I know, but it makes me feel like it will be more our wedding by doing it that way. Of course, a few months ago I realized I had a lot of decorative stuff figured out ahead of time, but there were a few important details we still haven’t figured out. (i.e Photographer and DJ). 

It is officially under a year away and our Epic Journey has just begun. My fiance recently finished designing out Save the Date which will be sent out with our annual holiday card. I found that tip on one the practical wedding planning websites. The exact website escapes me, but it will still a great idea to snag.

I hope I have fewer break downs, and more laughs ahead. 



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