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Tree Required

This is our second year in our new home and I wanted to buy a few more decorations for the house. However, last weekend while visiting my boyfriend’s mother we inquired why she hadn’t put up any lighting or decorations. Earlier this year her mother, my boyfriend’s grandmother, passed away and it is traditional for children of the deceseased to mourn for two years after their death. No decorations, or lights, or trees.


My boyfriend and his grandmother shared a birthday, and to respect the family wishes, we are not decorating the house with anything. Except, a Christmas tree! I cannot live without a real tree in my home every year. If nothing else, I always want a tree.

Ever since I little one of the few things I would volunteer to do was decorate the tree. My grandparents always bought a 6ft. tree and my brother and I would be in charge of decorating. Plus, every Christmas my boyfriend and I have spent together we buy a new ornament for our tree as our new tradition. Last year, we kept a small piece of the tree stub that was cut off at the time of purchase and we wrote each of our names, including our roommates, with the date. This year we turned our Christmas card into the new ornament. Decorating the tree has always been a great way for my family to get together before the holiday and do somethig together. It’s also the one thing we never fight over.

I can live without decorations and lights on the house, but no one keeps me from having a fresh tree in my home for Christmas!


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