Epic Journey: Wedding Favors Edition

One the cutest things we came up with for our upcoming wedding was our favor. For a while I didn’t like the idea of doing one because I’m cheap and lazy. I also didn’t want Jordan almonds anywhere near my wedding. Of course, upon hearing this my Mother was immediately annoyed and bewildered by my taste. Let me get back to my point…

The thing that gave me inspiration for our wedding theme was finding one thing to fall in love with: our wedding favor. Before I fell in love with the idea of planning our wedding I fell in love with our favor idea. The idea and inspiration came from a Save the Date I found on the website Offbeat Bride. It was then we decided on custom designed coffee mugs with a slightly altered design from our Save the Date. It sounded perfect.

Of course, all things planned around a wedding are never perfect. At first, I had an acquaintance from my old job who volunteered to help with creating the custom mugs. Then I left that job and the friendly acquaintance soon stopped communicating with me. I had actually assumed early on that this individual wasn’t going to come through on their promise and wasn’t too disappointed when they started to ignore my calls and emails. C’est la vie.

We continued to get estimates for this lovely idea and were disappointed to find out it was WAY outside of our original budget. Sad face. I continued to scour the Internet for other possible vendors that might be a little more within our price range. No dice. Second sad face.

I began browsing Pinterest for some more inspiration and less expensive alternatives. I then found this photo of coffee cups with pretty ribbon and stickers.

Paper Coffee Cup Idea of Inspiration

Paper Coffee Cup Idea of Inspiration

This became my awesome backup idea! Red ribbon and sleeves on small paper coffee cups with a sticker or our altered Save the Date image. Brilliant! Except, we can’t use lids because they’ll be filled with chocolate covered coffee/espresso beans…and the sleeves in the photo are really hard to find…or doesn’t exist…because the original link for the image doesn’t exist any more..DAMMIT!

Back to the drawing board, and the World Wide Web.

I spent a few exhaustive days rummaging through Google trying to find something that spoke to me. I was coming up short in the mugs arena, so I stuck with the paper coffee cups idea, but was looking for something different. Then I found something that was right up my sleeve (coffee pun)! I came across a website by the name of Custom Cup Sleeves and they were not only in our price range but they also had a gallery of other custom coffee sleeves they created for other weddings. It was a dream come true!

Test image of how our Wedding Favor will look on the small 8oz coffee cups. They're SO CUTE!

Test image of how our Wedding Favor will look on the small 8 oz coffee cups. They’re SO CUTE!

After ALL the months of changes and budgeting and stress it was finally coming together. Trying to decide on what our wedding favor was going to be was a struggle. However, it wasn’t any different from deciding on any other item for our wedding. Our expectations were lowered, our budget changed, we made accommodations and tried to moderate our reactions. It was a big lesson in flexibility.

Nothing is going to go smoothly or be perfect. There are other options out there. Yes, it’s not what you pictured in your head right after he proposed, (I’m speaking hypothetically of course, cause I had NO plans on a big wedding) but that isn’t what’s really important. What’s important is that you like it, and LOVE the idea of still getting married to whoever is standing in front of you on the Big Day. I’m really grateful we found something that goes with the paper/book theme, AND has something to do with how we met (at a coffee shop).

We still have a few things to iron out and a few more months to go. Lets hope there aren’t any more kinks to work out. 😉

Check our favors featured on OffbeatBride!

Check me out on Pinterest and Twitter for more crazy rants about my wedding.


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