Epic Journey: DIY Wedding Invitations

Two posts in one week! What the what?!

I’ve hit a rut trying to come up with a fun piece for my friends at Defective Geeks this last week, and between finishing and mailing the wedding invitations and my Mother-In-Law not being a fan of anything that is dear to my heart, I thought I might try to distract myself with another piece about the wedding.

Crafting Issues

Last week with the help of many of my dear friends we were able to finish assembling the wedding invitations and now I’m starting to number and add postage to all the designated envelopes. However, we did hit a few bumps along the way during our crafting sessions.

Before my friends showed up to help I had out all the bands that wrap the invites. I then realized they looked a little plain and made the decision to add a decorative stamp to all of them. After I had cut them all out! *face palm* I made a lot of last-minute changes to the invite that I felt made it look a little…prettier and textured. I also decided to add the same decorative stamp to the pockets (that I already cut out and made by hand!), and to the flap of the envelopes. Yay! More work. 🙂 Luckily I had a lot of awesome and patient helpers who were much faster than I was at stamping all the crap we had to put together.

After all the stamping I found another small issue: the inserts were slightly too big for the pockets. *second face palm* I had to go back and trim the edges of all the inserts to ensure they would properly fit in the pockets. Deep breath. Patience. And a lot of DVR episodes to help me keep my calm while doing monotonous paper cutting. Fortunately, I had purchased a fancy paper trimmer from Costco a while back and was prepared for this type paper challenge. Silver linings.

There were a few more issues (not big enough to have a panic attack over), but I still had a mini-meltdown mid-week and just tried to reassure myself that not everything needs to “look perfect.” Part of the charm of our handmade invitations is that they are just that: handmade. Sure the embossed stamp is a little smudged on some of the invites. So what if the inserts aren’t totally trimmed properly. I had to adopt a mantra of “It Will Be Okay” to get through the week and prevent myself from becoming a Bridezilla. This is also where having awesome and understanding friends let me commiserate about the issues I encountered came in handy. I LOVE MY FRIENDS!! They understand my neurotic tendencies and helped me calm the fuck down and just get shit done. 🙂

The last item, which I was partially prepared for, was the postage. Most wedding invitations have multiple decorative stamps to cover the postage costs of sending heavy custom stationary. I recently took my lovely finished invite, envelope and all, to weigh it and make sure we had enough. Nope. It was exactly .1 oz over the minimum for the invites to require only a First Class stamp. DAMMIT! It’s cool. All the extra 20 cent stamps I bought will be used for my new pen pal from the International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club! 🙂

Instead of going to WonderCon this weekend with my fiance and friends {insert pic of me crying while all alone}, I’ll be at home drinking a bottle of wine and trying not to spill it all over my wedding invitations as I slowly number and stamp them all. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!


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