Not Perfect? It’s Perfectly Normal.

I Just Want It To Be Perfect

A lot of the chat generated by this blog has to do with my overriding premise that you shouldn’t strive for perfection on your wedding day.  After all (and answer truthfully) has anything actually been perfect, ever?  Thoughts may turn to people who look like Jennifer Lawrence or Ryan Gosling or other such media icons, but I have a feeling they would be the first ones to laugh in your face if you suggested they had achieved anything close to perfection.  And how about events?  I’m sure even the Duchess of Cambridge’s magical nuptials must have included few faux pas (was the famous Pippa posterior real?).  Most of us can scarcely get through a normal morning without a crisis or screw-up, so why would we expect a day on which the emotional IED’s are strewn all over the place to go off without a hitch?  My advice (based on first…

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