Keep at it!! 😉


I started this blog 4 weeks ago, with the intention of writing two posts a week. I’ve written five, and one “post” was actually a quote by someone else.

Part of me wants to throw in the towel and say, “well I tried.” The other part of me, sees my current failure as an opportunity for… I don’t even know what. She says, “hey, instead of just two posts a week, you should do seven posts a week! That’s right, post something everyday. Muhahaha!” *crazy-eyes*

OK, maybe I didn’t sound that crazy, but I did start putting together a detailed calendar for the next few weeks outlining what each day’s post would be.

This is my typical process. I set up a medium-sized goal – something that is challenging but totally possible. Then, when I see myself failing to achieve that goal, I’ll up the ante and add in…

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