Epic Journey Explained…Further

Planning a wedding is…kind of a bitch. Explaining your ideal wedding is also exhausting. Setting up and updating your wedding website will (hopefully) help you with both. I’ve fallen a bit behind on updating our website due to illness for the past couple of weeks and this is my attempt to make up for procrastinating. Here is a quick list of Frequently Asked Questions I am attempting to avoid answering in person (because I don’t want to tell them face to face). 🙂

Words words words

My wonderful draft notes for our wedding invitations that we are designing ourselves!


1. Why is a number written in for me? OR Do I get a plus one?
Your number is 1 or written in due to limited space at our venue and we are unable to accommodate everyone. Sorry, not a lot of people get to bring their boy/girlfriend whom we haven’t had the chance to meet. It sucks, I agree. However, I would prefer not to further burden our parents who are assisting us with the wedding. 🙂

2. Can I bring my kids?
I’m sad to say it again, but due to limited space and finances we are unable to make room for everyone. We were only able to accommodate a few parents who are coming from out-of-town. Think of it as your night off from parenting and enjoy the party!

3. Is this formal attire? Can I wear jeans?
Normally I would be on your side and say yes. However, if I have to dress up, so do you. Please dress appropriately, in a dress or suit. 😉

4. Can I RSVP late and expect to have a spot saved for me?
Ummm…..yeah, about that…please don’t do that. Call us and we’ll talk it out, or at least communicate with us and we’ll do our best to make sure you can make it. We don’t hand over our guest list until 2 months before the wedding and we are doing our best to complete everything by July, at the latest!

5. Why wasn’t [insert family or friend name] invited?
I wish I had a million dollars so we could have invited a lot of people who we were unable to invite. It was a very had choice to make (and we are still struggling with it), but again, we were unable to make it work and not break the bank. We hope you can be understanding and we are honored and humbled that we have so many friends and family who are excited to celebrate with us.


All that being said…it sucked the life out of us to make cuts to our guest list. A lot. Our friends were the first to be cut and it was depressing to have to make those choices. We are, in all honesty, still struggling to make things work for our families and friends who we want to share this big day with.

We’ve attended quite a few family weddings in the last few years and we got to see first hand how contentious it can get. Feelings flare, and weddings alone have caused a lot of strife for people. I hope hope hope everyone does not take this as a personal jab and we are able to walk away from our wedding feeling great about the choices we made. The last thing I would ever want to do is start our new life together with family or friends holding a grudge.

I will, however, not feel bad about turning away someone with a toddler or friend whom I’ve never met in tow. Please don’t press your luck with this Bride. 😉 Just a piece of friendly advice.


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