Epic Journey: Tips for Wedding Registries

This last week my fiance and I have been overwhelmed by trying to register for our upcoming wedding. Who knew it would be so exhausting!? Unfortunately for my fiance he was a little under the weather, and dragging him outdoors to walk aisle by aisle to see what they had in store was a little disappointing. Luckily we had already decided we were also registering online to give us more options.

Since we have been together for over five years we have a lot of items that traditionally newly weds get through their registry. We asked for items that we would like to replace some of the mismatched pots and pans or dinnerware we own, and then we’ll donate or give away the items we no longer need.

Earlier this week we visited our local Target store to pick up a baby shower gift and decided we might as well walk around and check out items for our registry. Instead of talking to someone at Customer Service I found that using my Target iPhone app was super handy! I setup our Target registry online using the app, and then used it to scan items in store that we liked. You have the options of scanning the bar code on the item, the bar code on the shelf with the item name, or browsing items through the app and adding them to your registry. Super awesome and simple to use. Every once in a while an item wouldn’t scan and I had to find another option, but I then realized I could just add the one I wanted online as well. After two hours of walking around my fiance was tired and complained the air conditioning was bugging him so we went home and moved on to the next registry.

We decided to use our Amazon registry for items we couldn’t find at Target and items we would like that are not your normal registry items, like Dead Space 3! 🙂 There is also a Google Chrome extension to add items from any website to your Amazon registry. GENIUS! You can ideally add items to your wish list or registry, which helps us feel less restricted to one store and allows us to receive items that we like or need. I could potentially add Target items to Amazon, which seems redundant, but is helpful for friends and family who just want to select items from one website (which is what I’ve done before when buying for others).

I also made sure to explain to our guests on our wedding website that gifts are not required, but if they feel obligated to give something they are more than welcome to contribute to our HoneyFund for our honeymoon in any amount, because the wedding is about celebrating and not about getting free stuff from friends and family.

We still have time to add items to our registries that we overlooked before since we haven’t sent out the invitations yet. However, I’ve read that it is taboo to list registry information on the invitation, and instead include that information with the Bridal Shower and our wedding website. I have received wedding invitations that include a small insert for registry information as well. It just depends on the couple and how they would prefer to include that information. Image



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5 responses to “Epic Journey: Tips for Wedding Registries

  1. HUnter4086

    Any sort of mention of gifts or registries on an invitation is impolite; one does not throw a shower for oneself; also impolite is asking guests to finance a honeymoon. It is the presumption that makes it rude although I know, I know…most people will probably buy gifts anyhow, relying on word-of-mouth or intuition to gift something they deem suitable. Ideally a wedding website should not exist as a sort of grey-area, more ‘informal’ area where all of such requests are made. If the wedding IS “about celebrating and not about getting free stuff from friends and family” then why not abide by that?

    • Every thing you’ve said is kinda “Captain Obvious,” and I’ve read almost verbatim in EVERY wedding advice book and column. No one is making anyone purchase or pay for anything. Everything is still voluntary, and you’re operating under an assumption that we DID place our registry on the invitation, which we did not. IF you reviewed our wedding website you would have seen my statement telling guests not to feel obligated to buy anything, at all.

      We originally were NOT going to register, but were pressured/convinced by friends AND family to do so any way. Every bride can decide for themselves what they feel is appropriate. This is the 21st Century.

  2. I felt the same way about setting up our wedding registry. My fiance and I have a lot of stuff between us, and we didn’t want to ask for more “stuff”. We also felt really uncomfortable asking straight up for cash (which is what we really want).

    However, my mother pointed out that some guests are looking forward to giving us wedding gifts, because that’s how they want to celebrate/honour the occasion. So we set up a registry, but made it clear that gift-giving was optional. (And we did include the registry info inside the invitation. Not only do we not think it’s as impolite as it used to be, but not all of our guests are Internet savvy, and we didn’t want to have to answer 100+ phonecalls/emails about where we were registered.)

    • Awesome! Luckily we have a lot of family who ARE Internet savvy and have organized online gift exchanges in the past, so we knew they would be comfortable going to our website instead of us buying/creating more inserts.

      AND a lot of our friends have told us out right they would rather contribute to our Honeyfund than buy more crap/stuff for us. 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts with us. Yes it is a nice thing to take honeymoon funds from the guest as a gift. Many registries have this option and it will be helpful for the guests also to choose the gifts.

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