Epic Journey: Digital Age

I recently have been attempting to update and stay on top of building our wedding website, and as much fun it is to talk about yourself in the third person (<— insert sarcasm here) I’m finding that it’s a lot more work than I had anticipated.

Generally you can build the website and fill in information as it is confirmed. I’ve also read and been told that don’t put everything up at once. Take your time. Give the guests something to look forward to as they slowly browse all the information you’ve placed at their fingertips.

I’ve been using the free website hosting by The Knot and it’s been pretty user-friendly, for the most part. My only issues have been glitches to the guest list for the wedding, rehearsal dinner, and bridal shower lists. They seem to accidentally duplicate guests names if they are invited to the bridal shower AND the wedding. Weird. Every once in a while photos won’t upload to the website page being created, other times I have no problems. I’d say it’s a 50% chance everything goes as planned during the 2-3 hours I spend updating all the information. I’ll usually quit after running into a problem because I’m using a Netbook laptop that isn’t as fast as my fiance’s laptop. The one most helpful item from the planning side was exporting the guest list so I could update/customize names and address if I received updated information after I exported the list. I uploaded it to my Google Drive to ensure I have access to it on my iPhone no matter where I was when someone told me their new address, phone number, or email.

The other item I was able to set up was our Honeyfund account for our Honeymoon and gift registry. My fiance and I have been living together for almost five years and I am a kitchen gadget fiend! So we don’t really need a lot of gifts for the home. Sure, I still want a matching china/dish set and silverware, but I also would rather have room service for breakfast in Hawaii on our Honeymoon (*hint hint*). 🙂

I shall try to keep it all up to date, and not bore myself to death. Let me know what you think, or not, but please feel free to click away!

On a brighter note:

Here is a copy of our Save the Date we sent out with our annual Christmas card this year to all of our wedding guests. I was very excited to share this creation with our friends and family and we received rave reviews from everyone. It was designed and created by my talented and patient fiance who endured my incessant nagging to get it done in time to be mailed out over the holidays. It was worth all the trouble.

Created and Designed by Francis Dulguime



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3 responses to “Epic Journey: Digital Age

  1. You forgot to mention your pinterest boards! I was looking at digital options for our wedding but due to the small size there won’t be that many tech savvy people to take advantage of stuff like the photosync stuff, which you can totally do for free with no limit on google+ event. Granted they have to have a google+ account, but the other options I found also required some sort of account linking.
    Keeping a list of addresses synced to the cloud is definitely a good call. So disappointed that apple’s native notes app isn’t cloud/cross platform friendly!
    Also about the Honeyfund, aren’t you worried about fees? We are in a similar boat and are asking guests to give us money for honeymoon. Checks for our older guests, paypal/chase transfer for most friends and straight up cash will probably be our options lol I guess in the long run $1-3 per CC/Paypal would be worth it to avoid the hassle of organizing offline gifts.

    • scarlettburn

      There was an option on the Honeyfund account for guests to say they are writing checks or giving cash that they can mail to us, or give to us with a card at the wedding. I felt that was a more suitable solution to using an online credit account like Paypal, and to avoid fees. Cash is still king! Luckily for us, most of our families are pretty tech savvy enough, but we don’t want them to be feel obligated to donate though Honeyfund. We are also going to set up an Amazon gift registry plus another place like Target or Macy’s to make it easier on our guests who don’t feel comfortable giving money.

      The Google Drive has been a SO HELPFUL, but I still have to go back and update The Knot database once I have the address and info. Kinda double the work, but it’s still nice to have a database some where other than my head and staring at a spreadsheet for hours on end.

      • Amazon registry… I like it! We’re allowed to put random crap like video games and workout gear right? I could totally use the Bioshock Infinite Collector’s edition for my wedding!

        Yeah I noticed no fee thing for cash/gifts on Honeyfund. After reading more about it, it also seems like a nice way to get people to feel like they bought something for us. For instance, putting up a price for “5 course dinner” and have someone select that amount. We get the “but I want to buy you something!” a lot when we ask for cash/check during birthdays or Christmas.

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