The In-Laws Rule: Mom’s Meet & Greet

The meeting of the mom’s has been in planning (mostly procrastinating) for the last year. A year.

One mom is a socially conservative catholic republican. The second is a liberal democrat on her third husband. One friend said it sounded like a soap opera. So…I was a bit nervous for the first big introduction, and to discuss the guest list. It’s like I was asking to be tortured. Thankfully, it was surprisingly smooth.

They bonded over their mutual distaste for my biological father, and hatred for black bridesmaids dresses. Awesome! One mom kept catching herself before she accidentally dropped a few expletives. They both liked the favor idea, and loved the pictures of my wedding dress. Of course, my grandmother still thinks it’s not nice enough, but she liked the price! I will point out that my mom was very upset to hear our DJ will not be taking requests at the wedding.

You can’t please everyone, all the time.

Now…if only we could win the Lotto…

On a more interesting note, we found the most amazing handmade red leather book to use as our guest book! It’s F&$@ing amazing! It was conveniently purchased at Stan Lee’s Comikaze from a vendor by the name of Poetic Journals. He said he was from New York and doesn’t really sell stuff online so we splurged and bought it! See photos below. 🙂



-End Rant


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