The Rain In Spain Is Mostly In the Plain (Or Gibraltar)

I know I’ve been behind on posting all of my photos from Spain, but I was being selfish. And mostly lazy. I wanted to relish in the memories of driving all over the place and talking about it with friends and family. Now I’m back to reality, and wanting to be partially productive in documenting the fun stuff in life from time to time. I’ve also been away because I received a small journal with Audrey Hepburn on the cover from my boyfriend and wanted to go old school for a while with my latest musings and rants.

We’ve been seeing a lot of our friends over the last couple of weeks after the holidays and it’s been fun to catch up and get out of the house. I spent all of my  holiday break (Thanksgiving and Christmas) on the couch sick, and in recovery mode to ensure I didn’t sound like death when I had to go back to work. I received three snuggies for Christmas this year because I’m always cold! One of them is an electric snuggie, but I use it mostly as a bed warmer. It has a timer and automatically turns off after an hour so it’s perfect to fall asleep with it on.

Enough about my snuggies! On to Spain!

Ronda – Day 1

Seville – Day 2

Gibraltar – Day 4

Granada – Day 5


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