The Best Part of My Day

Its the little things in life really.

Especially after a day/week like this one. I’ve been under a lot of personal stress lately. Work is crazy, life is complicated, and as usual we are not rolling in dough. After unintentionally breaking down after getting home today I was then reminded how awesome and perfect my boyfriend is. 😀

It’s Wednesday. New comic book day. He picked up a new TPB of Irredeemable v6 & Fables v1. This is why I don’t get my nails or hair done. I’d much rather come home to read a new comic/book and smoke, alone, in peace. Granted, I also could have gone to Yoga, but due to my stressful and crazy job, things are left to the last moment and I end up missing my Yoga class.

Thank goodness for mind reading and significant others! That sentence doesn’t sound as awesome as I thought it would. Oh well. Off to my awesome moment in time.


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