Domestic Issues

Dating, living together, engaged, married.

I guess this is the order of things as they are meant to be.

This past weekend two people I know became engaged, a good friend and a co-worker took the plunge and asked they’re girlfriends to marry them. Of course, they said yes. This news, when presented to my boyfriend, brought a look of horror to his face. Why you ask? He suddenly felt pressured. The lovely two men who proposed this past weekend had it all planned out. Even without ever speaking to them I know how it went down.

They met an awesome girl. Started seriously dating. After less than 6 months decided to move in together. While they were moving in together he started plotting how to propose and started ring shopping. Then after short time, even though they were already 100% sure, they set a plan in motion to propose. Am I right? Of course. All of this happened within less than a year.

This January is going to be our 4 year Anniversary, we have been living in a house purchased by his mother for 2 years, and have been living together for 3 1/2 years. We’re pretty settled. Ever since we talked about moving in together we knew we would one day get married (kids are another discussion entirely). So why have we not tied the knot? Due to my interrogation skills, it has come to my attention that my boyfriend has been waiting for himself. He later divulged to me that he had been holding out/hoping to find a full-time job, save up some money (like any practical man would), then propose. Keep in mind, I have no issues with this pragmatic approach. It is one of the reasons I love him.

We have talked many many times about our hypothetical wedding (I’m scouting Library locations, for curious folk), and how we are comfortable keeping our parents miles away from each other until they absolutely have to meet. When we get married. We dread together on how our families are polar opposites, but we love them all, and how I don’t want to feed any one at the reception because I don’t want to pay for someone’s free meal. Yes, I’m a hater. We’ve argued over Bible versus being read at our ceremony, and discussed how his family would kill me if we eloped. Of course, most of this is just for show. To show everyone else how much we love each other.

We’ve known since they day we got back from our first trip to San Francisco . Even now nothing can change our minds about how much we love each other. Of course, the only major change that may happen once we are officially “married” is the discussion regarding kids. Pray for me.


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