Pet Peeves (There are a lot of them!)

I usually love to watch movies, television shows, or anything with other people. Partially because I like to share the experience with others and see how their reaction varies from my own.

However, there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed while in my home. When someone walks in to the room, hovers, then asks incessant questions without watching anything that happened before they walked in drives me so nuts I wish I were a squirrel!!

The other night my new roommate walked in as a teaser commercial started for the upcoming series The Walking Dead. He immediately asked, “Is this another zombie film?” To which I replied, “Wait and see for your self.” He then sighed as if annoyed because he asked a simple question that I refused to answer. Sorry dude, I’ve been avoiding spoilers like the plague in anticipation for this, and I will not let your lazy ignorance affect my enjoyment of this 30 second commercial. It sounds crazy, but that is what happens when you interrupt my TV time.

Half the fun is watching and waiting with bated breath to see what unfolds. I love the suspense, and a lot of that is taken away from me at times because of all the spoiler content you can find now a days. Companies tried so hard to make a hard sale of items that it’s almost impossible to be surprised any more. Half the movie trailers tell you the entire script from beginning to end 90% of the time, and…I’M TIRED OF IT!

The one area I have control over what I see and hear is my television at home. Don’t sully it with your incessant questions. Just sit, watch, and learn, like everyone use to do before the internet, before the DVR, and before technology ruined our excitement for us.


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  1. TheWorldRevolvesAroundMe

    Hahhaha! Wow. I love my teasers, trailers, and commericials like you, unfortunately, I am to my brother what your new roommate was just to you. You and my brother would have a great time hating on me. 🙂

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