It’s Been a While

The last two months have been a whirlwind of change. We had a flurry of family gatherings, then we squeezed in a trip up north, only to have a job offer in between. Only now, right before my birthday, do I get a chance to get back in to a rhythm working locally.

I took the bus to work a few days ago and it was pretty refreshing. Long Beach has some nice public transportation and it was only a short ride in comparison to the long routes I’m use to taking when I lived in LA.

Although, I must admit it has been a bumpy adjustment time wise. My sleeping pattern is shot right now and trying to get up early enough to run errands should be a lot easier.

Luckily, my birthday is around the corner and all this complaining has made me feel old and lazy. Oh well. Oh yeah, and thanks old co-worker for making me feel worse by making fun of my age. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy…and…feel like I want to punch a wall with someone’s face it on.

Besides my anger management issues, and being tired and old, life is good. It could be a lot worse.

BTW the photo below is a gift we received from a regular at my boyfriends coffee shop. It was too rad not to share. : )


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