Cartoons are a Staple of Childhood

Sunday afternoon I came across a marathon of Looney Tunes on Cartoon Network. “Swooned Crooner” was on and it reminded me about something that is sometimes learned while watching cartoons: reproduction.

It sounded silly, because I sit here watching chickens getting ready to lay eggs as a job. They sit in assembly line fashion and are interrupted by The Swooner. Production has ceased and Porky has to find a replacement Rooster so the farm doesn’t go bust. Swooner is replaced by Crooner, and now all the hens are in love again AND reproducing eggs at the same time.

Love equals reproduction, which equals marriage, which is why love & marriage are sacred. Marriage also means you want to create a family and live a full life with the people you care and love.

You don’t need religion and/or government to make that happen in your life.


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One response to “Cartoons are a Staple of Childhood

  1. Marlon

    All that from a cartoon? Man, you are a deep thinker during the most random of times… I usually just chuckle and keep eating my Cocoa Krispies.

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