Reading & More Reading

I finished reading Steig Larsson’s “The Girl Who Played With Fire” and was blown away. It was such a great crime/mystery fiction story that also used Journalism as a background to the subplot. I was constantly amazed with his writing style, and never felt like he missed anything along the way. His character development was astonishingly hypnotic. I immediately tried to find out when the third novel to the series was going to be released only to be disappointed that it’s only sold overseas at the moment, and out of stock at any local stores.

I’m finding myself surprised by how moved I was by his main characters. Makes me wish the author was still alive to continue working on the fourth manuscript to the series. I just hope they don’t get some hack editor to finish the story for him.

I also just finished reading Margaret Atwood’s “The Year of the Flood.” It has a strange beginning, and goes back and forth between the present and past events surrounding the main characters. The other surprising element is the religious/activist group called the “Gardeners” who are extreme vegetarians, quite religious, and led by a man aptly named Adam One. The group consists of Adams and Eves who are numbered based on their skills. Some are former corporate scientists who joined the group because they were disgusted with the corporate practice of using their own employees as guinea pigs for their new pharmacutical practices. Others had skills outside science, but related, such as botany, farming skills, and self defense.

Atwood draws a fairly grim outlook on the future practice of corporations and people, and there is almost no governance to speak of. Everything is run by corporations who has a highly paid security group called CorpsSeCorp. I was hooked on the last few chapters and stayed up all night trying to finish the book before falling asleep with it laying on my face.

I’m now reading “Level 26: Dark Origins” which claims to be the first “Digi-Novel” with an interactive plot line. Some chapters have a code word you can use to watch videos on the books website. You can even have the serial killer from the novel call your cell phone and leave messages for you to follow along. Really f*ing creepy. I chose not to participate in the phone calls, otherwise I’d have nightmares.

I still have a list of books to get through and I’m trying to get as much reading done as possible since my workload is going to get crazy later in November. Not to mention all the holidays are right around the corner.

Time to sit in a corner and read myself to sleep again.


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